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Rylstone Classic – Please update your details

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Event Update

For full details please visit the Rylstone Classic website: https://www.rylstoneclassic.com/covid19

As advised on social media, we have made changes to the event format to maintain compliance with the Public Health Order and also to simplify the competitive elements of our event in such a challenging time.

While we were planning to introduce the Works Teams Championship to celebrate our 10th year, this competitive element will not proceed this year. We hope we can add this exciting new way to share the Rylstone Classic with your friends.

Our main competitive elements including the Observation Challenge will be conducted electronically in 2020. An online platform, which will also be used to facilitate event check-in at Mingara, will house our Observation Challenge and will include a range of cryptic and visual-based questions.

Our People’s Choice Award will also be conducted using the online platform. Please note that while no app download is required, an internet connection will be needed to complete the check-in process and access the challenge.

Our aim is to reduce unnecessary physical contact and the removal of pencils and paper and the need to submit entries physically will help us achieve this.

New restrictions on pubs

Announcements today from NSW Health will place further pressure on venues within the Rylstone and surrounds, limiting bookings to 10 people. Larger venues will also be capped at a maximum of 300 people.

As has been our plan since the beginning of 2020, we have reached out to all clubs, pubs and restaurants in the Rylstone area to understand their capacities to ensure that we can safely bring our event to the region and have everyone safely accounted for.

We also understand that a contingent of entries will also be visiting pubs and restaurants in the Kandos and broader surrounds.

Venues in Rylstone providing dining options now include:

  • The Globe Hotel

  • The Rylstone Hotel

  • The Rylstone Club

  • Pepino’s Mexican

  • 29 NINE 99 Yum Cha & Tea House

Each venue will be offering multiple sittings and our aim is that small groups of 10 will patronise these venues – as per the current restrictions in NSW – across the evening of August 22.

We underline that entrants of the 2020 Rylstone Classic are responsible for their own social plans and that they must abide by all social distancing and venue restrictions as required.

Entrant Information

A key enabling component of the 2020 Rylstone Classic will be the capture of critical entrant information.

As a requirement of the COVID Safety Plan, we will need all entrants to update their information at check-in.

For both drivers and navigators will record your name, email and intended overnight location (if an overnight stay is applicable).

Update your information now

Tracking entries and people movements is one of our biggest challenges in delivering a COVID Safe event.

If your plans or details have changed, please let us know.

If you have decided not to attend in 2020 or perhaps only attend a portion of the event, please let us know.

We ask that all entrants complete the following information which we will append to your entry.


Thank you!

Again, please stay tuned to our social channels and also the website for future updates on the 2020 Rylstone Classic.

Evan Redman
Event Director