Please Note: Due to the current Covid outbreak in Australia

Mini Monte 2021 has been cancelled till 2022



Pricing has now been confirmed and an online entry form and updated event information is available at the end of this page.

Contact for this event is Glenn Dorrenboom via email:


2021 Mini Monte Event 

The aim of the 2021 Mini Monte rally is to revisit the concept of the original 1965 Mini Monte Rally by taking competitors on a “mystery tour” of central western NSW. The event will allow competitors to have fun and enjoy some of NSW’s interesting central west touring roads (bitumen and dirt), combined with some friendly driving skill tests along the way.

The Event

The event will be conducted as a mystery tour in that the route and the overnight destination for each day will only be disclosed to competitors at the commencement of each day of touring.

As it is planned that the finish of the event is to coincide with Minis Down Under 2021, there will be a compulsory drivers briefing at Sydney Motorsport Park on the Monday evening prior to the next day’s start. The event will start from Sydney Motorsport Park on the morning of Tuesday, 27 July 2021. The finish of the event will be at Rosehill Gardens on Saturday afternoon, 31 July 2021.

On the Tuesday all competitors will participate in a parade lap around the Sydney Motorsport Park circuit prior to commencing the day’s touring section. The first day will be touring, which will take place on public roads.

Each of the following three days, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday consist of touring section on public roads, punctuated by a short motorkhana or khanacross test to test the skill of the crew. The skill tests will take place on private property.

On the final day, the Saturday, there will be no competition, only a touring road section finishing at Rosehill Gardens.


The Event Organisation

The event will be conducted under the auspices of Motorsport Australia. The touring road sections will be conducted as a Touring Assembly and the skill tests will be conducted under Motorsport Australia motorkhana/khanacross regulations.


The Cars

As with the original Mini Monte Rally cars will be restricted to Minis. However, given the passage of time both Classic and BMW Minis will be accepted. Variants of the Classic Mini such as Mokes, Marcos, Monaco, Gem, etc will also be accepted.

All cars must be road registered and in roadworthy condition as the majority of the event will be conducted on public roads.

Tyres must be legal for road use in NSW and have the required minimum tread depth at all times. Only “road tyres” will be permitted for the event. No rally, mud & snow or other competition only tyres are allowed.

As there will be some form of skill test event on most days cars must be presented in a safe condition and will be scrutineered prior to each test.

Modifications are allowed but must be road legal in NSW.


The Competitors

The event will be a team based event with no awards for individual competitors.

There will be two crew members per car. Each crew member will be required to be a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated car club (or perhaps just Mini Car Club of NSW if it is run as a “closed to club” event.

Cars will be grouped into teams or “buddy groups” consisting of 4 to 5 cars. The makeup of the buddy groups will be balanced to ensure that there is an equal mix of car types and variants in each group.

Each buddy group will travel and undertake the skill tests as one group. If one team in the group has a problem then the whole buddy group will stop to assist.



For reasons of safety every car must carry a UHF 2way radio. This will allow organisers to communicate with competitors and also allow communication between competitors within a buddy group

UHF radios must be minimum 2 watt output but 5 watts is recommended.


On The Road

A competitor briefing will be conducted prior to the commencement of each days touring. The briefing will cover any safety or other issues that have arisen from the previous day’s competition and outline the route and the skill test scheduled for the coming day.

At the end of the briefing the route instructions will be issued to competitors. All cars in a buddy group will depart at the same time. The departure times of the buddy groups will be spaced so that the event flows freely each day with minimal interaction between groups.

The aim is for all cars to complete the day’s activities within daylight hours.

We expect to be touring on average around 350km a day and please don’t expect to come home with a clean car .


The Skill Tests

There will be no competitive or skill tests on public roads. All skill tests will be conducted on private property. They will be a motorkhana or khanacross test (or both) adapted to suit the constraints of the site. There will be one run for each car at each test.

There will be a mix of dirt events and sealed surface events.

All cars are expected to participate in all skill tests. Each crew will be running for their buddy group and not as individuals, awards will be given to the buddy groups with the best combined average score.


Event Support Arrangements

The organiser will provide a number of support vehicles to assist competitors who have problems. These will generally be 4WD towing a car trailer that can, if necessary, transport a disabled vehicle to the finish destination for that day were all efforts will be given to get all cars to the start of the next day’s start line. The service area is always a great place to socialise and help out if you can.

Support vehicles are a last resort - they are not there as a service vehicle. When a competitor encounters problems it is, in the first instance, the responsibility of the other members of the buddy group to assist.

The responsibility of the service vehicles is to ensure that all competitors get to the next stopover as early as possible. This will mean that a decision to fix or not to fix your Mini on the side of the road will be made very quickly.

A van will be available to carry all team bags and luggage from the start of each day to that night's stopover so that they don’t need to be carried in the car and emptied out for each skill test.



The organisers have arrange accommodation for crews each night at a single venue or venues as close together as possible. The cost of the accommodation will be part of the entry fees.



Crews will be responsible for all their own meals. The route will pass through towns with cafes that provide lunch. Some of the accommodation venues have dining facilities that will be booked in advance for all teams to dine together.


Entry Fee

Based on figures obtained for the permit fee, skill test venue hire and support vehicle costs the event entry fee will be of the order of $400, plus the $800 accommodation fee. Participating crews will provided with windscreen banners, door/side window stickers and promotional gear.


End of Event Social Gathering

A social gathering and presentation dinner is planned for the Friday night. It is hoped that the Friday night accommodation venue will have a room available that will allow us to have a private social gathering where some novelty awards can be handed out and participants can share their stories.

Crews will be required to purchase their own food and drinks.


Glenn Dorenboom

Event Director

Mini Monte 2021



Event Entry Form and details


Event Timing: July 27th -31st 2021
Contact us at,


Entries are now open with the publication of the supplementary regulations and close at 8.00pm on 12 July 2021.

The number of entries will be limited to 40 entries, which will be accepted in order of receipt.

Entries must be lodged electronically through the Mini Car Club of NSW, Mini Monte 2021 website page. Mini Monte 2021 –

The entry fee is $1200 (including GST), consisting of $400 in event entry and $800 in accommodation costs. All accommodation will be provided by the Organisers (see Accommodation section below).

Payment of the entry fee can be made in two parts:

1. Payment of the $400 event entry cost to secure your place in the event, and

2. Payment of the $800 accommodation cost by close of entries.

Note: If the accommodation fee is not paid by the close of entries the entry will be considered incomplete and will be rejected.


Please click on this link to fill in the Online Entry Form

After you have competed the form then please return to this page to pay the entry and accommodation fees.


The Entry and Accommodation fees can be paid by:

• Direct Debit – please refer to the Mini Car Club website

• Credit Card – payments can be made via the following PayPal or phone the Secretary, Joan, on 02 9153 7635

• PayPalEntry Fee $400

• PayPal - Accomodation Fee $800

• Cheque – please make cheques payable to “Mini Car Club of NSW” and post to MM21 Secretary, PO Box 164, Mortdale NSW 2223

Late entries may be accepted subject to the availability of accommodation.

Entries may be refused by the Event Organisers in accordance with NCR 33.

Changes in the crew and/or vehicle after the acceptance of entry will only be permitted at the discretion of the Clerk of Course.


Supplementary Regulations: 

Please download a copy of the Supp Regs here >>>: 2021 Mini Monte Supp Regs v2


Please download and complete the Mini Monte 2021 Self Scrutiny Check List. Mini Monte Self Scrutiny Checklist


Please download and complete: Motorsport-Australia_General-Disclaimer_Covid-19