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Worked A series engine or a car that has a worked A series engine in it.

I’m hoping to find one with the popular BMW motorcycle head upgrade.

I intend to use the engine in a Austin A35 restoration project.

Please contact

Peter Gatt






1971 Mini K details

I am in the process of restoring a rare 1971 Mini K, with burst proof doors and lift up door handles. 

I would appreciate if I could take photos of a 1971 K dashboard including switch layout and details of the engine bay. 

Contact John. 0447394939.



1 only used Falken Model SN828 tyre

for the Leyland Mini 145/80 R10

Please contact Peter Reedman

mobile 0418220002




2 x Used 10″ Tyres for a Trailer

I have a boat trailer with 2 cooper S wheels, I am looking for 2 used tyres to suit. Is anyone able to help me out.

Contact John Harrington





2 x 10″ Tyres

with reasonable tread for use on o box trailer fitted with 10″ Mini wheels

Contact: 0422 510 730.

Chris or Margaret <>