What is a Motorkhana?












Motorkhanas are motor sport events designed to test the acceleration, braking and handling of cars and the skill and judgment of drivers. Most importantly, Motorkhanas provide fun and enjoyment whilst practicing and learning car control.

Over steer and under steer will be found in abundance, but at safe speeds under controlled conditions. A Motorkhana is the most basic level of motor sport in which members can compete.

In a Motorkhana cars are driven on a flat surface (a paddock or a car park) around a designated course marked out with flags. Motorkhanas are a great way to learn car control skills and juniors can compete from 12 years of age.Virtually no special vehicle preparation is required. All that you need is a Club Membership,  CAMS licence witch can be purchased on the day, or prior to the event.

Types of Cars

Both everyday road cars and purpose-built “Specials” can be used in motorkhanas. At most events, classes cater for varying types and sizes of vehicles. Cars must comply with basic safety requirements, but no special equipment is required. Obviously, steering, tyres and braking must be in safe condition, and the vehicle should be reliable.

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There are 5 common tests that we do if you click on each test a mini will drive them and show you how there done. Must thank Simon Kerr for the animations