At the moment there is limited stock of some items but there is still a great assortment available so please do not hesitate to contact Meaghan.

She is building a list of people who request out of stock items and the club will place an order once a minimum order amount has been reached.

For further information please contact Meaghan or James Lucas 0414 367 393

Or send an email with your request to

Mini Car Club of NSW, Po Box 164 Mortdale NSW 2223

























Exclusive Merchandise >> Order Form (To be developed)

We are still in the process of arranging for designs and quotes

Watch this space for further details...

MDU 2021 Polo Top   Price range $40-$45

MDU T-shirt                Price range $20-$25

MDU 2021 Cap.         Price range $15-$20

MDU Key Fob.           Price range $10-$15

MDU Hat pin.             Price range $10-$15

MDU sticker.               Price from $1 each

MDU 2021 Exclusive Oil Drip tray.  Price  $15

High-Viz   vest.           Price $5