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The Mini Experience

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The Mini Experience
Today, 23rd March 2021, is the 60th anniversary of the birth of the Australian Mini, and we have celebrated by relaunching The Mini Experience Reloaded – the most comprehensive history of the Mini and the Moke in Australia, in 15 magazine-style issues.
Only available through our new website. A one-time subscription payment of $40 for the full series of 15 issues (that’s only $2.67 per issue) gives ongoing permanent access.
I decided to go for this format rather than a printed book for three main reasons. 1: The sheer volume of information. At around 1400 pages, this is the most comprehensive history of the Mini and Moke in Australia ever written. To do as a printed book, even with severe culling, would have required three or four books.
2: To reduce costs (and retail price). Printing costs would have been substantial and would have required selling the books for around $60 PER BOOK.
3: To remain current. A printed book is final and the only way to make corrections or add new information is to print a second, or third edition, etc. As a digital product, updating is simple and virtually cost-free, so the magazines can be updated as often or rarely as required. Subscribers will receive email notifications when new issues are added, or when there are any updates to existing editions.
A few of the former subscribers to our printed magazines have still not notified me about what to do with their refund. If you are one of those just contact me so we can deduct the refund value from the digital subscription or from the price of any other products on our website, and give you payment details for any remaining amount.
We also again have copies of our double DVD, Top Trek, about the 1986 adventure to the top of Cape York in 5 Mokes and numerous other Mini-related DVDs.
All details and to purchase access only via our website at
Craig Watson
The Mini Experience Reloaded